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Singapore, Australia, USA, Europe, Malaysia,Indonesia, Thailand,Ghana


Products - Overview

BSL offshore containers are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with
requirements of the following latest editions standards and regulations.

  • DNV2.7-1 - Offshore containers

  • EN 12079 - Offshore containers - Design, construction, testing, inspection marking.

  • ISO 1161 - Specification of corner fittings for series 1 freight containers.

  • CSC - International convention for safe containers (Select models only)

Supplied offshore containers are marked for offshore use and complete with full material
trace report, load test and NDT Certificates, and DNV 2.7.1 certification/EN 12079.

BSL Containers offers ready to use offshore containers units in below locations:

Shanghai, China
Perth, Australia
Darwin, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Adelaide, Australia
Port Moresby, PNG
Singapore, Singapore
Houston, USA
Takoradi, Ghana
Rayong, Thailand
Songkhla, Thailand
Labuan, Malaysia
Kemaman, Malaysia

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